I almost feel like we need to start a series of 'they really make that' food and drink products lately with some of the combinations and food offerings hitting grocery store shelves and even local businesses.

Recent Unique Flavor Combinations

Earlier this week we learned about an April Fools Day joke turned reality when a local ice cream shop jokingly posted a photo of pickle topped ice cream, and customers said yes, we really want this.

Instagram: Spoons
Instagram: Spoons Ice Cream

Then, there's the ongoing saga of 'peeps' flavors and unique uses of the marshmallow treat, like for instance, on top of a burger...

pixabay for Canva
pixabay for Canva

Oh, and there's also these violet flavored mints that we've been talking about this week too.

A New Flavor Player Has Entered The Game

Well, step aside, because maple syrup breakfast inspired soda has just entered the game.

It has been reported that IHOP and Pepsi have decided to join together to launch 'a maple syrup-inspired beverage that boasts the same classic refreshment of a Pepsi but with a definitively IHOP twist.'

Huh?  My teeth are hurting at the thought of this combination.

I would like to warn you, these cans of breakfast-y goodness were limited-edition, and only 2,000 'winners' had a shot at trying what is being referred to as this 'first-of-its-kind' flavor through a social media campaign.  Not even someday at IHOP restaurant locations?  Sadly, no.

Chief Marketing Offer for Pepsi, Todd Kaplan shared the following in the press release about the product that was featured in Food and Wine:

It isn't often we get to bring together two iconic brands to satisfy the cravings of pancake and Pepsi lovers alike.

I'm not sure about you, but when I think pancakes, or breakfast in general, my cravings don't typically point me in the direction of a tall glass of soda.  Coffee - yes, chocolate milk - occasionally, OJ - likely...but soda, nah.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I just can't fathom this unique collaboration of flavors quenching my thirst, your thoughts?

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