New York is going to force you to have reusable bags or to purchase plastic bags at the check out. When is this going to happen? March of 2020. Get ready Hudson Valley this will affect you, every single day.

Don't get too upset, just yet. There are some plastic bags that will not be included in this ban? Which plastic bags are they? The ones not included in this ban are not the ones you get when you get cold cuts at the deli or the ones you get when you get take out food, or delivery. The bags that are included are the ones at the grocery store, hardware store, clothing store etc.

The reason that the single use bags are being banned is because, according to a press release from Governor Cuomo's office, the plastic bags do not degrade and end up as litter on the side of the road and in NY waterways.

Do you agree with the plastic bag ban? Or is this just another way for NY to control your life? Do you resent being asked to pay five cents for a paper bag at the cash register when you go to check out? Do you think that the company you have just given your money  to should do you a solid and just throw the bag in at no additional cost?

Would you prefer to do business at a place that does go ahead and just give you the bag even if it is now a law for them to charge you? Or no big deal, just bring a bag with you?

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