Martha Stewart is opening up a new restaurant that honors her Hudson Valley, New York hometown.

This will mark the iconic celebrity chef's first-ever restaurant. Officials say it offers "a dining experience you simply can't get elsewhere."

While an opening date hasn't been set, Martha Stewart is almost ready to launch her first restaurant. This farm-to-table restaurant is named after Stewart's Hudson Valley hometown.

Martha Stewart Opening Restaurant Named After Her Hudson Valley Hometown in Las Vegas

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The Bedford by Martha Stewart is set to home this spring in Las Vegas. The Bedford will be located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Stewart has thought of opening a restaurant for quite some time but wasn't ready.

"We have toyed with the idea for a long, long time," Stewart told People "I just personally was never really ready to do something so large as this. It really is a lot of stuff to do!"

Now she's ready after Caesars Entertainment made her an offer she couldn't refuse (Cue Godfather music)

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"They made us an offer we couldn't refuse," Stewart adds. "The team at Caesar's is just amazing. They're so, so productive and so creative. I like working with people like that. And this is an opportunity to extend the brand in an area where I've always wanted to be but never really did enter."

Stewart believes her first restaurant is going to be "charming" confirming the design of the eatery is in honor of her Westchester County farm.

"It's completely fashioned after the winter house at my farm in Bedford, where I basically live. There's a kitchen, a dining room, a brown room, a green room — it's very similar in the finishes of my home, and the furnishings are all kind of replicas of a very familiar space to many, many, many Americans. And it's intimate, yet large enough for people to really enjoy," Stewart said. "It's a charming restaurant."

Martha Stewart's Iconic Hudson Valley Home

Martha Stewart/Instagram
Martha Stewart/Instagram

The 80-year-old celebrity lives on a 156-acre property in Bedford, New York.

The compound comes with seven houses, a barn, and many animals.

The Bedford by Martha Stewart will have 194 seats. Las Vegas officials call it an "intimate restaurant" that will offer guests an "authentic glimpse of how she lives and entertains in her own home."

Martha's functional and practical lifestyle takes center stage in her thoughtfully appointed décor, which embraces a neutral color palette that acts as a perfect backdrop to four seasons of color, officials say.

"Martha Stewart is one of the most celebrated voices in hospitality, and we are truly honored that she's chosen Paris Las Vegas as the home for her very first restaurant," Senior Vice President and General Manager of Paris Las Vegas Jason Gregorec said in a press release. "Martha and her whole team have been incredible partners. When we open the doors, The Bedford by Martha Stewart will be a dining experience you simply can't get elsewhere."

Martha Stewart/Instagram
Martha Stewart/Instagram

The menu hasn't been set.

"Martha and her team of culinary experts are developing delicious, seasonal dinner, weekend brunch, and holiday menus that feature exceptional quality and creativity. Signature menu items will be created from sourcing seasonal, high-quality ingredients from various local purveyors and some of Martha's personal favorites," a press release on The Bedford by Martha Stewart states.

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