Do you know what Ophidiophobia is? You're here so you shouldn't be shocked that it is a fear of snakes. It's actually one of the most common fears in the world. A Gallup poll showed that almost 50% of Americans are afraid of snakes.

I'm not afraid of snakes but if I saw this thing racing towards me I'd be calling a fisherman, an oceanographer, and the local sheriff to patrol the lake and catch it.

A local resident was on the water at The Middletown Reservoir and snagged a photo of a snake that has people both concerned and guessing. Not many people know that there are water snakes in New York.

According to sources online, this common snake is often confused as a Cottonmouth Viper which can be a cause for concern.

So what exactly is this water snake? It was approximately 4' in length.

Joe Larkin
Joe Larkin
Some knowledgeable members of a local Facebook group determined that it is a northern water snake and that it isn't venomous or dangerous. They are extremely common throughout the northeastern region of North America. It was probably 3.5-4’ long. The picture above was shot right before the serpent dove underwater and disappeared. The photo was taken in the Middletown Reservoir Trails Park.
Most people agreed that they wouldn't want this thing to sneak up on them during their next swim.
 Apparently, these snakes have been spotted in the Mohonk Preserve as well.
Did you know that the Hudson Valley was home to water snakes this big?

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