If you're a fan of ordering the traditional Happy Meal for your kids you should be aware of the changes coming to the order. Many health enthusiasts would say that these changes are for the better.

It seems like every child grew up with The Happy Meal. It's almost a rite of passage. When you're a kid it's just part of growing up. It's deliciousness and convenience makes it a "go-to" meal for many parents who are on the move.

According to USA Today, the classic meal will see some big changes both soon and in the years to come. Shortly, the cheeseburger option will not be standard. The cheeseburger will still be available but only by a special request. The meal will instead come with nuggets and an order of fries.

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By the year 2022, McDonald's plans to have the meal reduced to 600 calories with less sodium and saturated fats.

This will be welcomed change for parents who still want convenience, inexpensive food, and healthy option as well.