The Dragon's Den has had a bumpy ride over the past year. With the shutting down of their original Poughkeepsie store, many gamers and role players were left heartbroken. Many efforts were made to keep the store open even switching locations. Unfortunately, the owner announced they would be closing its doors forever in February of 2018.

One family decided together that this was unacceptable. Mike Cammarota has been a long time D&D enthusiast. He started going to The Dragon's Den about 5 years ago were he played D&D for the first time in a public setting. This is a game that normally played in your parents' basement.

"As soon as I walked in, I knew this was the place for me" New owner Mike Cammorota.

With the full support of his wife Kim and two children Ambria, 12, and Stephan, 15, they now operate this staple of the Hudson Valley together.

The new location is 939 NY-376, Wappingers Falls, a 'throw away from McDonald's. They are open daily at noon and more information can be found on their Facebook page.