When you think about it, New Paltz is one of those towns that feels like it has as many restaurants and locally owned and operated businesses as it does people. It is one of my favorite things about the town, as there is such a variety of awesome places to choose from, and new restaurants and eateries are constantly opening.

A new eatery is preparing to open in a familiar spot in New Paltz.

A History of 255 Main Street (Unit 2), New Paltz

For as long as I can remember (ok, it was 2001 when I started school at SUNY New Paltz), everyone raved about this place in town called Taco Shack, where you were able to get a ton of Mexican-inspired food for not a whole lot of money. Taco Shack was definitely a fan favorite for the college students, and New Paltz locals alike, and so many people were shocked by their closure.


Soon after, the news came that the Taco Shack location would soon become Smash Shack. Opening in February of 2022, as explained by the owners, The New Paltz community was in need of a quick burger place that wasn't quite sit down and super fancy, but at the same time was not drive-through fast food.

The staff at the Smash Shack wants you to know that they're just like the big guys, but better.  Locally owned and locally employed, setting them apart from the big businesses.

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In addition to serving as a Ghost Kitchen for Mr. Beast Burger, Smash Shack also worked in collaboration with the crew at Mexican Kitchen after a devastating fire destroyed the business in 2022, serving up some Mexican Kitchen classics in-house as Cocina Mexicana.

Now, the New Paltz community is anxiously awaiting a new business to open their doors in the once Taco Shack turned Smash Shack turning... Melted.

Melted To Open on Main Street in New Paltz

The signage along Main Street (Rt 299) in New Paltz has officially switched over to the new logo and brand of Melted, which will soon open at 255 Main Street.


Posting several teasers on their social media accounts, the new New Paltz eatery is an 'all new restaurant offering grilled cheese style sandwiches, soups, salads, sides and more opening soon!' according to a Facebook response to inquiry about the change from Smash Shack to Melted.

As we await the official word on grand opening details, and other hot off the grill details, who remembers when there was another grilled cheese themed restaurant in New Paltz just a few feet down the road that was only around for two years or so before closing up in 2019...Amazin' Melts, anyone?

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