So you are going to visit a friend in prison. Do you bring them things? A newspaper, something to read? How about bringing them drugs or Methadone?

What you wouldn't think about bringing Methadone to a prison? Maybe you should have had a word with Laura D Clouse, who was arrested for doing just that. She brought some Methadone when she was visiting a friend at Fishkill Correctional. According to a press release, on the above activities took place on July 2, 2017, thus Clouse, age 39, has been arrested on multiple charges.

Ms Clouse has time to think about why she should (or should not) bring methadone to a prison the next time she visits. In fact, she will have until July 5, 2017 when she goes from the Dutchess County Jail to appear in the Town of Fishkill Court.

According to the Fishkill Correctional website, the following are the hours for visitation:

Visiting is limited to three adults and an unlimited number of children.  Visiting days and times are determined by the inmates unit.

  • General Population Inmates have visitation on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 8:30am-3pm (processing of visitors ends at 2pm)

  • RMU Inmates have visiting on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 8:30am-2pm (processing of visitors ends at 1pm)

  • SHU Inmates have visitation on Saturdays only from 5pm-9pm