We've all heard of a midlife crisis but what the heck is a quarter-life crisis? It's a millennial thing so it must involve skinny jeans and a latte.

A mid-life crisis is pretty common among older dudes. They'll dye the hair, get their ears pierced or maybe buy a sports car. They try to escape the fact that they;re getting older. A mid-life crisis has more to do with age but what exactly is a quarter-life crisis? can it be ruled out as snowflake behavior or is there something to it?

Girl and bipolar disorder

According to the latest findings from the Pew Research Center, a millennial has been defined as anyone born between 1981 to 1996. The Independent reports that roughly 60% of millennials are dealing with heavy loads of stress.

That means no millennial is over forty years of age. What could possibly have them so upset?

The younger generation claims to deal with high amounts of financial stress, work pressures and relationship. What generation hasn't gone through any of those?