M&M Mars are making a thinking about making a change to their M & M Candies product line. They are considering no longer allowing their candies to be served in fast food restaurants. What will this affect? How about your Dairy Queen Blizzard? What about the M&M McFlurry? Everyone knows that you don't head there daily for one of these sweet treats, but when you want one, you REALLY want one.

Their reasoning behind it? M&M Mars is concerned that the candies which are a part of a frozen treat, ie the DQ Blizzard, the McDonald's Flurry and the BK Snickers Pie, have too much sugar in each serving. The amount of sugar in each serving exceeds the amount of sugar (in one serving) that the US government recommends for the entire day.

This is not the first time that M&M Mars has made moves to be more transparent about their calorie counts and serving sizes. According to Reuters, in 2008 M&M Mars became the first company to post calorie counts along with sugar info on their packaging. In 2013, they also stopped selling candy in the 'King Size' formats. Is this a good thing? Self regulating? Or should people be allowed to control the amount of sugar that they eat on their own?