"Monopoly" is celebrating their anniversary by giving away REAL MONEY! Where will the games be released and how much money will be in the game?

Oli Scarff/ Getty Images
Oli Scarff/ Getty Images

The company that makes "Monopoly" is celebrating the game's 80th anniversary with real money.  Hasbro is releasing 80 special edition sets with real money mixed in with the usual fake bills.  One set with come with an entire cash drawer loaded with real money.

The catch, and you knew there would be one, is that the real-money game sets will be sold only in France and the cash is in euros.  That set loaded with real money carries more than 23-thousand dollars worth of euros.

Hasbro isn't saying whether it plans to sell any real-money game sets in the U.S. But if they did? Can you imagine the fights people would get in trying to get their hands on the games? Gives a whole new meaning to family game night.