Just what we need. Does this make you curious to try? Or maybe it just makes your stomach turn? In an age where big food brands like to swap weird and sometimes disgusting flavors just to stir up social media, we have this. Mountain Dew is making its own hot sauce. If you consider yourself somewhat of a hot sauce purest, then you might want to click back now.

Delish says that the soda giant has partnered with a hot sauce shop called iBurn, plus 7'1''  NBA center Joel Embiid, of the Philadelphia 76ers, to release a line of Mountain Dew inspired hot sauce flavors. It's still a work in progress, but Mountain Dew asked its followers to vote for their favorite hot sauce flavor on Twitter on September 28. So far, habanero is in the lead, with a slight edge over fatalii. This could end up being any one of these flavors.

What to expect, aside from some grossed out customers? A sauce that will probably be spicy, but also incorporate the soda's citrusy flavors in as well. Who knows? Maybe it will be alright.

There is no word when the sauce will invade shelves across the Hudson Valley, but you've been warned.

Mountain Dew has been branching out as of late. They recently teamed up with seafood chain giant Red Lobster to release their very own margarita. You can have several of these and then barf out whatever biscuits and cheap seafood you had for dinner while crying yourself to sleep. And yes, it's called the Dew Garita. Ugh.

And then there was Mountain Dew Doritos. Anyone ever have these? We hear they're not so bad. Perhaps there's hope.

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