Neil Gaiman is one of the biggest authors in the world but he lives in the Hudson Valley and he does what he can to support his local bookstore.

There's a good chance you know who Neil Gaiman is already or at least heard the name before. His novels have been New York Times best sellers and have been adapted to film and television. Gaiman is even a Professor in the Arts at Bard University.

Others like myself know Gaiman's work on the iconic and groundbreaking DC comic book series, The Sandman. The first issue of The Sandman came out 33 years ago and the characters and stories created by Gaiman have become favorites among the comic book community.

The Sandman series on Netflix is currently one of the top trending shows on Netflix.

Gaiman returns to a local bookstore to sign issues of Sandman and other novels of his.

Gaiman is not a stranger to this book shop. It turns out he has been promoting the store on Twitter and signing books there for years.

According to the owner of The Golden Notebook, he has signed over 1,000 books throughout the years.

The Golden Notebook now has its very own Neil Gaiman library and you can purchase autographed books online at their website. You can also visit the store in person at 29 Tinker St, Woodstock, New York.

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