It's time once again to take a few minutes to talk about what's new in the world of alternative music.  Lots of great things to talk about from the past few weeks from our Sunday Studio Cuts show.  If you haven't listened, well each week we give you the latest (and greatest) new alternative music releases.  We're talking singles, albums, remastered or special releases, top to bottom, left to right, we've got it for you - Sunday Studio Cuts, each Sunday night at 10pm on WRRV. Thanks to Darkside Records, Val (that's me) will give you an inside listen to songs, and even some new artists, that maybe you've never heard before that will soon become part of your playlist!

Darkside Records
Darkside Records

Here's some of my favorites from the past few weeks of Sunday Studio Cuts shows!

nothing, nowhere:  Pieces of You

nothing, nowhere, or as he is formally known, Joseph Edward Mulherin, is no stranger to WRRV.  He's performed for us for WRRV sessions gone digital, and then joined us for our Studio Cuts podcast (episode 6).  Well he's back in a big way with new music, and we're loving the new single, Pieces of You.  The song is relatable, talking about being infatuated with someone and feeling vulnerable - that kind of feeling like the ground can disappear from your feet at any second.  Take a listen below.

Richard Ashcroft:  Bittersweet Symphony (acoustic)

You've been singing along to this one for years, right (like more than 20 years, the original came out in 1997).  Well, Richard Ashcroft, lead singer of The Verve, has shared with us a sweet remake of his band's song, and, let us know he's got something big happening at the end of October.  In addition to this acoustic cover, he's been working in studio recording acoustic versions of some of his other Verve tunes, as well as some solo work for his upcoming album, Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1, due out October 29th.

Finneas:  Love Is Pain

His new album, Optimist, came out last Friday, October 15th, and the reviews have been pretty stellar.  The latest single from Finneas, Love Is Pain, is obviously another track to tug at our heartstrings a bit, hitting on true love and heartbreak.  Have we mentioned that WRRV had the chance to interview him, virtually, during the earlier days of the pandemic?  Check out the coverage here. Oh, this is his first full-length album, and by the way, you totally knew that he's Billie Eilish's older brother, right?

Coldplay (f. BTS):  My Universe

Another highly anticipated and well received album is Coldplay's Music of the Spheres, which also came out on Friday October 15th.  Just ahead of the album release the band announced they'd be heading out on a giant world tour in support of their new music with dates beginning in 2022.  They also teamed up with BTS for this catchy tune that people really seem to be enjoying called My Universe.

That's a wrap for this time, be sure to check out the Sunday Studio Cuts show every Sunday night from 10-11pm, and some exclusive artist interviews on our Studio Cuts podcast, here!

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