New year, new tracks to get excited about in the world of alternative music.  It's been a strong start for our Sunday Studio Cuts Show on WRRV.  Every Sunday night from 10 until 11pm, we give you a full hour of the new stuff, thanks to Darkside Records.  Featuring our Fresh Pick, Local Artist Spotlight and our weekly Streaming Star, Sunday nights are all about new music on WRRV.

Darkside Records
Darkside Records

Muse:  Won't Stand Down

Some are calling it their hardest track to date, others calling it a powerful comeback, we say, we love it!  Muse just last week gave us this great new anthem called Won't Stand Down, their first release since 2018, and the lyrics address an important issue - standing your ground against your oppressors.  It has a familiar Muse sound with some awesome drum tracks, and the video is a must watch too.

Neon Trees:  Animal (the stripped down version)

What's old is new, again.  Commemorating the 10th anniversary of it's 2012 release, this 'revisited' version of one of our favorite songs is a really cool listen.  Neon Trees are ready to celebrate Everybody Talks 10th Anniversary with an EP called versions of you that is available now.  As the title indicates, the tracks are re released versions of some of your favorite songs, along with one completely new song.

Candlebox:  Riptide

Another re-release worth mentioning, this time from Candlebox who gave us a stripped down version of their song Riptide which can be found on their new album Wolves.  This version of the song was produced by Peter Cornell, brother of the late Chris Cornell.  Candlebox just recently announced that their acoustic tour will be coming to City Winery in NYC in May.

Wet Leg:  Chaise Lounge

Let's close with something brand new and kind of funky.  We're talking the debit single from post-punk duo Wet Leg.  These two met at music college, and are based out of the Isle of Wite in the English Channel.  The song, Chaise Lounge, definitely has some humor to it, and was inspired by the chaise lounge that one of the members inherited from her grandfather.

That's a wrap for this recap of some of the highlights of what you've heard on our new music show recently, and we still have 2 more shows this month.  Don't miss our Sunday Studio Cuts show every Sunday night from 10-11pm, and some exclusive artist interviews on our Studio Cuts podcast, here!

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