If you're a fan of RPGs, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming and comics then it's time rejoice. The Poughkeepsie Galleria is home to a new store that has the droids you're looking for and so much more.

Just a quick disclaimer as I'm not sure if they really have the droids you're looking for but it wouldn't surprise me as they have just about everything else in the world of make believe.


Kirwan's Game Store, based out of Catskill, New York has added another location right here in the Hudson Valley. The huge store offers a vast variety of fun from hobbies, paints, cards and table top gaming. If you're a Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, LOTR or Pokemon fan you have found your new hangout. Whatever you're geeky pleasure is they'll most likely have it.

Nick Kessler

With so many dangerous and questionable things that the youth of the Hudson Valley can be doing on their spare time It's great that a place offers an outlet for some creative fun in a friendly and accepting environment.

The store is only a few weeks old as of now but let's hope that it lives long and prosper.