When you hear a list of things people would like to change about New York, you usually first hear about the high taxes. However, there is one area where New York actually ranks has some of the country's lowest taxes.

Beer. See the full list and map HERE. 

In a report from the Tax Foundation, New York state ranks 11th lowest (39th) in the country for beer tax, at .14 cents per gallon. Compare that with the national average which is .33 cents. What's the highest? Tennessee, at $1.49 per gallon.

New Jersey only taxes their beer at .12 cents per gallon, Connecticut .23, and Pennsylvania only .08. in fact, areas like the Northeast and the West Coast had some of the lowest taxes on beer due to the high concentration of breweries, and these states tend to protect their industries.  

In the grand scheme of things, this may all seem insignificant. Though it's got to be nice to know especially for people who purchase a lot of beer, that they're not having to pay too much extra just for a drink.

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