Teachers in New York have an interesting opportunity for great professional development.

It's not easy to be a teacher...you are always on the clock and it can be hard to get all the resources you need. However, when you have an awesome teacher it's something you'll always remember. I can close my eyes and still remember my kindergarten and first grade teachers and see how they made such a positive impact on my life.

Since it can be hard to get all the resources teachers need, it's really cool when other organizations offer to help out and provide them with great opportunities.

What cool learning opportunity can teachers in New York take advantage of?

According to the NYSDEC, the DEC Division of Marine Resources has developed two ocean-themed professional development opportunities that focus on ocean acidification and plastic pollution.

Hey, I'd take any opportunity to learn about the ocean.

Where will these classes be taking place?

You could make a fun day out of it. The classes will be taking place at the DEC Division of Marine Headquarters in Kings Park (Suffolk County). This will make more sense to the teachers out there, these courses will integrate new NYSSLS  learning standards and count towards CTLE hours.

What teachers can take advantage of this opportunity?

So it's not open to everyone...if you teach sciences in grades 7th-12th you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Is there a fee for this professional development opportunity?

No, that's the best part. All materials for the lessons will be provided free or charge. Wooooooo

Click here for more details on this great professional development opportunity for teachers. Also, thank you to all the teachers out there who do an amazing job and care so much about their students.

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