Quick, someone call the police! Not the real police but the one with Sting and be sure to send out an S.O.S. I'm surprised that someone found her bottle washed up but I'm more shocked that someone actually took the time to hand write message in 2018.

While on a cruise ship to Bermuda, a young girl from named, Imtaiz Khokhar from Long Island New York dropped message in a bottle into the ocean. UPI reports that she threw the bottle in the ocean while boarding a ship back in Boston three years ago. Recently, she received an email message from a Moroccan man named Ayoub Elbaz who's father discovered the message.

According to NBC, the bottle traveled over 3,000 miles to the African country.

We don't know the contents of the message but the man who discovered it apparently couldn't speak or read English. Luckily, his son was able to translate. Let's be honest, if a child wrote the message it may be hard to decipher it no matter what language it was in.

Also, is this encouraging littering?

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