It's no secret that New Yorkers love their pizza. That's not just exclusive to New York City. Hudson Valley residents take pride in pies.

I think the rest of the nation doesn't respect our pizza game but they really should. We have amazing pizza places here. One pizza place in Poughkeepsie recently earned the rank of 2nd best pan pizza in the world. You can get more information on the restaurant here.

Despite the Hudson Valley's love for pizza, it's just not enough to compete with the number of pies that get consumed in New York. How much pizza gets eaten in New York City? According to Pizza Need, New Yorkers eat roughly 500,000 pizza pies a day.

If you have an old phone or electronic device it could get you some free pizza.

If I had to choose between my cell phone and some pizza I think I'd have to cancel my phone plan. I'm not sure if I could live without a pizza. One icon restaurant in New York City is asking you to turn in your phones for free pizza.

According to a post on Instagram, this Saturday, April 9 Zazzy's Pizza will host an event called slices for devices. You can trade in your smartphone for either free hot pizza or cash. If you have devices to clear out and you plan on going to the City then this might be the perfect plan for you.

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