Say what you want about living in New York but the statistics speak for themselves.

Out of the 50 states in the country which ones are the best ones to call home? One could say that the question is subjective but WalletHub actually used a specific methodology to find the answer.

I know this state is not perfect. I have more than a few criticisms of New York State but I have lived in another state and I can't honestly say that New York is better in several ways. New York has options for everyone whether you want to live in a busy city with bustling nightlife or a quiet small town. New York has so many places to celebrate culture and history like museums and beautiful parks. The state also has great schools and a tremendous amount of job opportunities.

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So where does New York State rank among other states in the nation?

According to Wallethub, New York ranked extremely high on this list. New York came in just behind New Hampshire, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

New York ranked 4th best state to live in.

New York did score almost dead last in affordability but other factors dramatically brought up its score. New York's affordability score as 47. However, residents of New York make more money, have better job options and get more social services for their money. New York's health and educational benefits were above average but New York ranked 3 in terms of safety.


Source: WalletHub

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