One New York State beach recently received a huge honor just in time for summer.

I am forever and always a beach girl. There's really nothing like spending a whole day at the beach and it's the best medicine you could ever get. It's finally summer (WOOOO) and everyone is trying to plan their beach trips and fun adventures.

One thing that's iconic to do at the beach is to take pictures (everyone needs to know you were there). You can't just to to the beach and not take a picture for the gram (Instagram)

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It turns out there are some beaches that were recently voted "the most instagrammable" beaches and one New York beach made the list.

Before we get there, lets talk about some honorable mentions and some beaches that were missed.

What beaches were missed for named one of the most instagrammable beaches?

1) Pacific Beach in San Diego, California

I've been going to Pacific Beach since I was a young child and it's one of the nicest beaches in the country. This is just one of the many pictures that prove it's one of the most instagrammable beaches and how it should be on the list.


2). Hotel del Coronado Beach in Coronado, California. Here's another amazing beach that should have made the list. This beach is like a beachy Hollywood movie all in one and there are so many opportunities for great Instagram pictures. So, can we add it to the list next year?


Maybe someone just forget to add these two...

What New York beach made "the most instagrammable" list?

The study was done by SwimOutlet and it included research from TripAdvisor, AI and over over 91 million hashtags from the beach were counted to find out all of the data to create the list.

Coming in at #6 is Long Beach, New York with 3,648,945 hashtags.

Long Beach is located in Nassau County and most people know it and call it the "city by the sea".Long Beach is right on the beautiful beach, has an awesome boardwalk and there are many places to check out right near it. It's no surprise this beautiful spot made the list and it's a must visit place for many people.

I can already see the beach and sunset pictures people must post on their Instagram when they are here. I will surely be adding Long Beach to my list of beaches to check out and you should do the same because it looks like a place you don't want to miss out on.

Have you been to Long Beach, New York before? What's it like? Do you have any great Instagram-worthy pics from there? Send all the information to us on the station app:

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