There are a lot of crazy things that can be found in the Hudson Valley, but this one is pretty crazy.

Newburgh, New York has a lot cool things to offer everyone, it has great restaurants, awesome bars and a TON of history. You could spend days upon days in Newburgh and you still wouldn't run out of cool things to discover.

I was recently looking on Instagram (for too long) and came across something very interesting that had to do with Newburgh.

More information on Old Town Cemetery in Newburgh:

Old Town Cemetery is located in the City of Newburgh and it was founded back in 1713 by Palatine German refugees. Many, many people are buried there including some noteworthy people like Congressman Jonathan Fisk and Thomas McKissock. The cemetery is located on Grand Street and chances are you have driven by it at some point while hanging out in Newburgh.

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However, this isn't just any cemetery...this one holds a very special secret and has something that is pretty unbelievable.

What secret can be found in Old Town Cemetery in Newburgh, New York?

A pyramid...

No, I'm not kidding. The cemetery holds a mausoleum for Ship Captain Henry Robinson, his wife Sarah and their two daughters. The mausoleum was built by Alexander Jackson Davis and sources say it's the only Egyptian Revival tomb to have a mastaba (flat-roofed ancient tomb) and a pyramid. Sadly it fell into disrepair and reportedly became overgrown, but it was restored back in 1999.

Does the name Alexander Jackson Davis sound familiar? It should, he helped create the Dutch Reformed Church in Newburgh. That's pretty cool...

So technically Newburgh, New York does have a pyramid and it's another cool thing we add to list of things Newburgh has to offer. If you have seen it before, let us know what it's like on the station app:

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