The water crisis that has been unfolding in Newburgh is nothing short of full on scary. In short, certain chemicals known in shorthand as PFOA's and PFOS's and they are NOT GOOD things to have in your drinking water.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, along with Congressman Maloney have insisted that the Department of Defense begin filtering the water flowing from Stewart Air Force Base. As stated in the linked Times-Herald Record article, that water flows not just into Newburghs water supply, but also Silver Stream, Moodna Creek and the Hudson River. Because of the pollution, Stewart has now been designated a Superfund site by the state.

There have been a slew of articles both locally and nationally, but I'm fairly certain that this is the first time a national news organization has taken a crack at the story unfolding in the Hudson Valley. The news story can better describe the origin of the pollution, while also talking to the community, and sharing a community meeting where the frustration of the city is clearly evident.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has also released some additional dates for Newburgh residents to get free blood testing done, to determine what extent you might have the aforementioned chemicals in your body. For exact dates, click the link.

The State of Emergency for the City of Newburgh over it's drinking water was declared back in early May of 2016.