At a time when people don't want to linger in long lines, Stewart's Shops have spent decades perfecting delicious and affordable food ready for you when you walk through their doors.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice flavor for fast, convenient and healthy food options. Your local Stewart's Shops are working hard to make sure you have it all.

I had no idea what a fast-paced lifestyle was until I moved to New York a few years ago. Have you ever noticed that a lot of New Yorkers always seem to be in a hurry? We think fast, we talk fast, we move fast and sometimes we want to get our food fast.

Just because we want our food fast doesn't mean we want fast food. Did you know that your local Stewart's Shops offers a vast menu of delicious food that is readily available at a great price?

If you know me personally or listen to my morning show on WRRV, The Morning Grind, you're probably aware that I'm one of the most unorganized people on the planet. And because of my constant procrastination, I often seem to be in search of shortcuts. Morning radio is a career path that throws you new challenges every single day. It's one of the reasons I love my job. However, before 6 AM during the week, I'm all about my one-step routine before I get to work. That one step includes my daily stop at my local Stewart's for breakfast, an iced coffee and an energy drink. I don't have time to prepare a meal in the morning, so Stewart's has got my back.

Whether you're there for breakfast like me and want a pastry, a bagel, hard roll or an eggwich, or it's lunchtime or you stop by on your way home from work in the afternoon because you just don't feel like cooking, Stewart's Shops has hot 'Grab & Go' food ready for you like hot dogs, kielbasa, chili, cheeseburgers, crispy chicken tenders and pizza (at select shops).

I love eating cheeseburgers and pizza as much as the next person, but I run competitively and when I'm in fitness mode, eating cleaner is a necessity and Stewart's still keeps me coming back with their healthy and greener menu items like yogurt parfaits, chicken caesar wrap, fresh fruit, chef salad, caesar salad and the all-new cranberry pecan salad.

Stewart's Grab & Go food is perfect for someone on the move but don't forget that the Hudson Valley is officially in phase 4 and you can eat inside or outside of your local Stewart's location. You can even dine at one of their outdoor tables and there's no reservation necessary.