You have had enough! Every day it seems that your neighbor is doing something to annoy you. What bothers you the most? Is it the loud music? The shouting? The parties?

Do you have many options? Yes, you do, you have a few options. Please keep in mind that moving is one of them, but what can you do legally in New York State to get your neighbors to shut the heck up, or at least drop it a few decibels?

Can you take your neighbor to court in New York State for being too loud?

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Unfortunately, some people are just loud and they have no idea. So where do you begin? Can you take them to court? Can you sue them to get them to shut up? Start with your local town or city to see what the noise ordinance is. When you are looking into that, see if there are laws on the books as to what time they can be noisy too.

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For instance, can they mow their lawn before 8 am and after 6 pm? Or is that a no-no? Also double-check about how loud the music or the party can be before you call the police.

What can you sue them for in New York State?

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Since this is New York and you can find a lawyer to help you with just about anything, yes, you can sue your neighbors for being too loud. Ok, not specifically for that. You will need to document the dates and times that they have been really loud, and include any police reports that have been filed/reported. Your lawyer will be able to go after them (at least) civilly. In order to do that, you will need to have your 'evidence' as well as the money to pay the lawyer and the legal fees. It might just be less expensive to move.

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