Normally I subscribe to the "mind my own business" philosophy of life. That means I don't really pay attention to what my neighbors are doing unless they are super loud or doing something that just doesn't seem right.

So, when you see your neighbors doing something that just seems 'off' or you get that feeling in your stomach, or maybe the hair on your neck stands up and you don't really know why? If that is your 'sixth sense' or whatever you call it, should you tell someone about what you think your neighbor is up to? Or go back to minding your own business?

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Is there a place to report your neighbor's really odd behavior in New York State?

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Yes, there is. 100 lbs of fertilizer? Seeing a few cases of ammunition arrive on their doorstep? Yes, there is someone who wants to know about it. That someone is the Alcohol, Tabaco, and Firearms. Yep, the feds. While they might not act on your info, they would like to know about it.

Can you report your neighbors anonymously to the ATF, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms?

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Yes, you can report it without having to share your name or info. You can use their website,, or their app. You will also need the code for the local agency, for instance, the New York branch is ATFNYC. All info will be kept confidential.

Hopefully this is not what you are experiencing with your neighbor 

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