This isn't a trick question. I really want to know if you'd answer if someone were to knock on your door? Sadly, a lot of people wouldn't even if you were in trouble.

It's 2017 and it seems like everyone is afraid of their own shadow. We live in a society where gluten and peanuts are our mortal enemies. What else is on the list? Apparently, our neighbors are as well. The majority of people would not open the door for someone in need or even at all. So what happens when someone knocks on the door? What happens if someone was hurt Do you just ignore them and act like you aren't home? Do you say "Sorry, I don't answer the door."?

I was shocked to hear this and a little upset that it's come to this point. When I was a kid we still had the "village" mentality. We all knew bad things could happen but we never let it discourage us from living our lives.

Quite often our neighbors and even door to door sales people would knock on the door and being the youngest, I would have to get up and answer the door.



I'm not saying that we don't need to be cautious but please don't let a scary episode of Criminal Minds get in the way of you being a decent person.