The 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island continues to be rocked by controversy after my favorite publication in the world, THE NEW YORK POST alleged  fourth-place finisher Nick Wehry of cheating.

Wehry, who posted an impressive score of 51.75 hot dogs, allegedly consumed only 46.75, with claims that he sneakily  added a plate from another competitor's pile. This maneuver supposedly allowed him to join the elite club of eaters who have surpassed 50 hot dogs, a rare achievement in the sport.

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Despite Wehry's firm denials, video footage viewed by the New York Post showed him loitering around the table post-contest, leading to increased scrutiny. Major League Eating (MLE) launched an investigation but decided not to overturn the judges' decision, maintaining Wehry's fourth-place standing.  

You guys, this is literally exactly how I would have done it, and still ended up in fourth place like Wehry. The  pressure is on, the clock is ticking, and I’m halfway through my ten minutes. I spot an opportunity—an empty plate, slightly hidden but within reach. Casually, I shift the plate into my stack while keeping a straight face. The judges, focused on counting and avoiding “reversals of fortune” (code for vomiting), don’t see my sketchiness.  It pushes me over the 50-hot-dog mark, putting me in the elite group of eaters. Like, I'm still gonna finish 4th, just like when you cheat on a test, you have to get SOME questions wrong

Professional Eaters Compete In Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
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So after all.  Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was rife with drama, not least because of Joey Chestnut's absence, which left the field wide open.

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti clinched the Mustard Belt with 58 hot dogs, while Miki Sudo dominated the women’s division with 51. The controversy surrounding Wehry added an extra layer of intrigue to the event, which has literally never in it’s history, been more popular than it was in the past month.

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