This week NY Senator Charles Schumer wrote a letter to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) asking them to use a law that is already 'on the books' to outright band what he is calling 'kid friendly flavors' in all e-cig devices.

The law that Schumer is referring to is the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 and it is that law that gives the FDA authority over e-cigs. In the letter, Schumer is asking for all kid-friendly e-cig flavors to be banned. Examples of the flavors included in the letter are:

  • Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce
  • V'Nilla Cookies & Milk
  • Golden Oreo
  • Whip’d Strawberry
  • Twirly Pop
  • Creme Brulee'

Do you use e-cigs? Do you think that this is an example of the government trying to use their reach to control what we do? Or do you think this is a good idea because e-cigs are for adults and not for kids under the age of 21?

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