NY Senator Chuck Schumer wants to make sure you know what kind of used car you are buying. Schumer is making it a point to let consumers know that you might be buying a car that has been damaged by water in one of last summer hurricanes.

“While the FTC has been sounding the alarm on ‘hurricane cars,’ consumers are still at risk of being duped and burdened by a financial road of ruin if they unknowingly buy one,” said U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, via press release.

Currently, there is no law on the books which requires a seller to disclose if the car has suffered flood damage. What does the Senator think can be done to make this more transparent? He is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to make changes to the "Used Car Rule" so that if you are looking at one of these cars, you will know that there could be issues down the road after you buy it.


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