The laughable NYPD robot has just been reassigned to one the busiest places in America. I for one feel a lot more safe...

The NYPD just released statistics showing that overall crime has declined by 5.6% with some major crimes seeing decreases as well. However, it looks like felony assaults have increased by over 4%. Transit crimes are down but they still are a concern. One dangerous spot in New York City is the subway system. Do you remember a few months ago when the NYPD announced they were going to use a robot to help police and monitor the area?

It wasn't exactly the most intimidating piece of crime fighting technology. It was the butt of a ton of jokes on social media. The million dollar piece of equipment was leased to the NYPD.

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The K5 robot is back in the headlines this week because it has been reassigned to Times Square.

It may not be able to thwart a criminal in the act with force but it could serve as a deterrent. It is equipped with cameras and way to get a hold of the police quickly in the event of an emergency. Here is a better look at the robot and some information behind the company that manufactured it.