Depending on which Subway Sandwich Shop that you go to, you might never see the beloved $5 foot-long as an option ever again. This week Subway headquarters announced that it would no longer be mandatory for franchisees to participate in the $5 foot long promotions.

The reason that the franchisees are thrilled about this? The cost of the ingredients was just about the amount they were charging for the sandwich, ingredients plus labor and other expenses, so they were not making money and in a few cases actually losing money by honoring the promotion.

The customers though loved it. Yes, there would be times where there would only be one or two sandwiches available for the $5 price, but when your wallet was lean, there was always something that was tasty enough to make your lunch for that day.

In honor of the $5 foot long going the way of the do-do, here is our 'Ode to the $5 Foot Long:'

$5 foot long, oh how I have loved you.
Whether the BMT, the Veggie or the Meatball, you were always there for me. On the days where I needed more peppers you filled me up. When it was about the cheese, you said, yes please.

Your tuna tempted me, but never won. I could never stand to have you toasted, I loved you just the way you are. Bread fresh from the oven, lots of toppings that were amazingly stuffed into that roll. Oh mayo, oh brown mustard, everything but the cucumbers.

$5 foot long, I will miss you, how you filled me up on the cheap and for the loss of you, I will weep.

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