Oreo's Instagram page noticed a popular pizza place's dessert pizza and they almost broke the internet.

New Yorkers love pizza and I would argue that they make pizza better than anyone. By living in the Hudson Valley we are truly blessed by the pizza gods because we get that New York City and Bronx style pie without having to travel to the big city like others gave to. Hudson Valley pizza shops really know how to make excellent pizza. It's like pizza makers here have it down to a science.

Scientific laws are meant to be broke once in a while. Especially if it is for the good of all mankind and I think monstrous pizzas don't harm society. They only make them better.

The key to a good pizza is more than just dough, pizza sauce and cheese. Pizza Mia on 17K in Newburgh understands that all too well and they're not afraid to experiment with their pizza recipes. They recently got viral attention for their dessert pizza with doughnuts on top of it.

Oreo has long been advertised as milk's favorite cookie. If you ask most people they might tell you that an Oreo is their favorite cookie as well. What about adding milk's favorite cookie to one of America's favorite foods? They did just that and it got viral attention. The post was even shared on the Oreo Instagram page.

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