So during this last weekends Oscar ceremony, (the Oscars are awards that celebrate the best of the best in the movie world) there was a big mix-up on the most important award, the one for Best Picture. ICYMI, the wrong envelope was given to the presenters so they announced the incorrect movie as winning the top prize of Best Picture.

This got me to thinking, is there a time in your life that your name has been called, that you do not want it to be? Here are a few instances:

  • Jury duty. I have yet to meet someone that has said, 'Yeah, it's my duty. I am just going to go and do it. I am not going to try and get out of it.'
  • IRS Tax Audit. Yeah, you do not want the government to audit you.
  • Anytime the prize is a bag full of snakes. Ok. This is true, unless you are a person who is extremely terrified of snakes.
  • It's your turn to clean the bathroom at work. Well, this is just because you know that it is going to be the dirtiest the day before YOU have to clean it.
  • Getting called out in class for cheating. Ok, so it was only that one time that you even thought about cheating and you didn't actually do it...but still. It was a tough day.

Was there a time that you were thrilled that your name didn't get called?