They say when your ears are ringing, it means someone is talking about you. For me, it means someone is talking about a new pizzeria.

New Pizzeria in Hopewell Junction, NY

I grew up in the Hudson Valley, but before moving back to the area in 2021, I've been living in different places across the United States for the past decade. Every time I relocated, I would try, and inevitably fail, to find pizza that lived up to the kind I used to wolf down in my hometown. Was I a snob? No, I'm just a New Yorker with standards. That's why a recent Facebook post in the East Fishkill Community group caught my eye.


Pan and Peel Pizza, Hopewell Junction, NY

"Pan and Peel is the king of Hopewell pizza right now", the post began. "Just opened (old Brooklyn boys spot). Amazing thin charred crust., fresh mozz, You can easily eat a whole pie". I had to read the post twice because it seemed to check every single personal pizza requirement I have. Thin crispy undercrust is a must. Classic mozzarella cheese is too. Living in St. Louis, I was introduced to the abhorrent Provel cheese on their pizza that residents swore by. Thank god I'm back in the Hudson Valley.

carlosgaw via Canva/Facebook
carlosgaw via Canva/Facebook

Early Reviews

Peel and Pan is so new that their phone system wasn't even set up at the time of the Facebook post. That didn't stop other Dutchess County residents from chiming in. "Took your advice. Got the hot honey and plain", another pizza enthusiast commented, "totally insane... Phenomenal pizza." An even more passionate pizza-head added, "that was some GREAT pizza!. Holy sh*t. I highly recommend every[one] try this place out." With reviews like that on the first week, it won't be long before I'm pulling up to try, too. Check out the menu and location here.

Businesses Opening in the Hudson Valley

It's a welcome sign that more and more businesses are opening in the Hudson Valley. Restaurants were one of the industries that was hit particularly hard by the pandemic, so whether it's a classic institution that is now reopening or a brand new business like a brewery or Pan and Peel, it's great to see commerce returning to our area.

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