They're available to ride in many big cities and vacation destinations, but now you'll be able to take it out for a spin in the Hudson Valley if you'd like. Hudson City Cycle Tours will be taking people on unique tours of Hudson this summer and beyond aboard a 14 person peddle bike.

The pedal bike is commonly refereed to as a 'bar-cycle' when used by other companies because often times it's packed with adult beverages for its riders to consume. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), drinking isn't allowed on the street in the state of the New York so don't go and try to brown bag a 22 ounce cold one on board, because someone will notice. You're slick, but not that slick.

Their offices can be found at 500 Warren Street in Hudson and if you'd like to book a tour you can call (800) 862-5807. They have yet to launch a website so your best bet to find them online is their Facebook page.