Finders keepers, right? One of the best parts of being an Uber Driver has got to be the free stuff left behind by drunk people.

I guess people leave some strange things in Uber and Lyft cars.

Did you know that Uber actually has a lost and found index for each year. Check out all of the lost items here.

Every year Uber releases the most common items and the most obscure items lost in their cars. Well, if they are turned in. The most common ones are of course are phones, cameras, wallets, keys, glasses, purses, vape pens an ID's

Some of the stranger things they have found include an 8 week old puppy, six chicken tenders, a set of 18k gold teeth, a fish head, a Star Wars skateboard, a hula hoop, an ancestry kit and a breast pup with milk inside.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever left an Uber?

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