Looking for an affordable home in New York State? You probably won't find any in these areas anytime soon.

It's safe to say these places won't be your best bet.

What makes a home or property valuable in the state of New York?

Different buyers have different priorities. Strong school systems and safe neighborhoods play a huge factor for many buyers. A low tax rate, mortgage, and commute time might be the deciding factor as well.

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Owning land in New York has always been a good investment but there are some places that have a much higher value than others. Despite many New Yorkers wanting to buy a home it has become increasingly difficult. Homes in many areas have become out of reach for residents due to high prices and high-interest rates.

Where are the most expensive places to live in New York?

Houses have been out of reach in some areas for a long time.

Here are some of the most expensive cities and towns to live in here in New York State. The value of these houses typically ranges from $1 million to an excess of $5 million. If you have the money it might be smart to buy in these areas as they have mostly shown a steady increase in value over the past 5 years.

Some of these places on the list might not surprise you and some of these places you may be hearing about for the first time.

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