This new publicity stunt from Planters is just nuts.

I'm not much of a basket baller but even I'm interested in buying some shoes endorsed by Mr. Peanut.

I love Planters nuts. I can eat peanuts and cashews all day everyday. I learned two new things today. I learned that Mr. Peanut has his own Instagram account. I also learned he's a huge basketball fan. Oh, and I guess he's an entrepreneur in the shoe industry. Why am I talking about him like he's a real person?

At first I thought it was a joke but I guess the new shoes from Planters isn't just a social media gimmick. They're called Crunch Force 1's and they even go on sale Friday. You can pre order them here while supplies last for only $170

Check our Mr. Peanut's Instagram too see them for yourself.

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