One word can completely change the way you feel, inspire you to do better or even be better. That's the goal behind this garden of painted rocks.

You may notice a colorful and bright patch  when walking into the Pleasant Valley Library. The library has decided to get involved in The Kindness Rock Project. The hope is to have an entire garden covered in bright and beautiful rocks with words or pictures that may brighten someone else's day.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Pleasant Valley Library's kindness rock garden.

"We hope it will be a community project."

Do you have a message you would like to share? If you do, it could help make a difference in someone's life. Let someone who is going through a hard time know that they're not alone. The world needs more projects like these.

Feel free to stop by the Pleasant Valley Library and drop off a rock. If you do make a rock just be sure that it is coated with a water proof sealant so it can withstand the rain.

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