For April Fools' 2020, please don't participate.

This is an open letter, to all who are participating in April Fools' 2020. Don't. Just spare us. No one is in the mood to be deceived or lied too. No one wants to be the butt end of a joke. Just don't do it. With the current world situation, just give everyone a break.

Everyone, and some more than others, is at their wit's end. We're tired, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It's depressing to get out of bed each day and only walk two feet to the couch. Or even worse if you're an essential worker and have to leave the safety of your home. Just take it easy on us.

If a business is doing an April Fools' joke, they deserve every bit of backlash coming to them. Read the room. Don't be tone-deaf. I know we need a distraction, but pranks and deception like an April Fools' prank are not the way. Don't wake your kid up and tell them they can go to school.

If you ask yourself if you need to do a prank, the answer is no, you don't.

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