More people are enjoying the outdoors since most businesses are closed.

I get why more people are going outside. I truly do. Our favorite businesses are closed, we're told to not see people, and we can't even hug or shake hands with the people we're allowed to see. But what I DON'T get, is why people insist on not socially distancing or following CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This past weekend, I was riding my bike on the Dutchess Rail Trail between LaGrangeville and Hopewell Junction. I was alone. I had a mask on. I was following all the rules. You know who wasn't following all the rules? The majority of the people on the trail. I get pissed off on the trail as it is when people don't walk on the right side of the trail or their entire family spreads out on the trail taking up space for other people. But I got even more pissed off when people were walking on the wrong side and taking up the entire trail DURING A PANDEMIC. Your family of 6 does not need to spread out over the entire thing. Walk in pairs, stand behind each other. Your family can still stay together, but please stay away from me.

I'd say 2/3 of the people weren't wearing masks. This was in addition to the lack of social distancing. I get it, running and walking and biking with a mask is more difficult. If you are insistent on moving without a mask, do it in a non-public place. I walked around my neighborhood without a mask. Which was fine, because I was the only person within a 100-yard radius. It was empty, as I knew it would be. If I had a busier street, I would have worn a mask. I knew the rail trail was going to have people, so I wore a mask. Did I enjoy riding my bike with a mask? No. But I did it because it's what's RIGHT and what is going to stop this.

I get that you don't want to wear a mask. But I don't want to get exposed to COVID-19. So get over yourself and stop being selfish. This isn't about you, it's about protecting others.
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