The popular Amazon show Sneaky Pete, created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, took over a Hudson Valley town last week.

The show filmed in Nyack but transformed the town into the fictional community of Rosedale. The show was on location for Tuesday, Aug. 1 and Wednesday, Aug. 3.

Starring Giovanni Ribisi as Marius Josipovic and his alter ego of Pete Murphy, IMDB reports the show follows a man recently released from prison who is on the run from gangsters. To escape, he adopts the identity of his cellmate.

The show was originally slated to appear on CBS but the network decided to pass before it was shopped around to other places. Amazon picked it up and released the pilot in August of 2015. It wasn't until January of 2017 that the rest of the series made it's debut.

Less than a week after it premiered, it was announced that Amazon had ordered a season two. And now we know that Nyack will be seen in the upcoming season, although no date has been announced for the premier.