A staple at an upstate New York amusement park is getting a makeover and a new home in Connecticut.

People who have lived in the Hudson Valley and were trying to vacation on a budget would most likely head upstate. Chances are they were parking their family in Lake George. And they were probably stopping at either Great Escape or the Magic Forest.

If you spent your summers there, you probably remembered the huge Uncle Sam statue posted up in the parking lot.

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Did you know that the Uncle Sam statue is actually from Connecticut?

The Uncle Sam statue made its debut at the Great Danbury State Fair and was sold to the Lake George attraction back in 1981.

In the past few months, Magic Forest has been going through some renovations. Most notably the addition of Dino Roar Valley and selling some of their famous statues.

It turns out that the City of Danbury has bought back Uncle Sam. They are also in the process of restoring the worn down statue and are almost done with the project. The Mayor of Danbury shared a picture of the progression so far:

Uncle Sam looks great and us New Yorkers are glad he's back home and in good hands.

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