Do you think that working for the postal service is probably a piece of cake? That all they do is sell stamps, drive around in cars and deliver the mail on their routes? Most of the people that work for the United States Postal Service are hardworking and upstanding people. Below are five instances (just from the month of October 2018) where working for the USPS might not have been a good fit for these people:

Have you ever really wondered if mail did 'get lost?' Or if you just couldn't figure out why the bill that you mailed or the birthday card, just never made it to where it was going? The above could be one of the reasons. Please note that the postal service takes this infractions very seriously, messing with the mail is a federal offense. In the above cases, the FBI was involved and those who are convicted will be facing jail time.

Little known fact, USPS workers do not get discounts on postage stamps.

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