It's no use trying to figure out how people with profound, considerable disturbances are thinking when they act in insane ways. People who are inclined to set things on fire in order to satisfy some deep, sinister and uncontrollable urge within them, for instance, are completely irrational and impossible to understand if you have a rational mind.

So, let's just talk about what some dude told me when I was next to him at the bar at Brown's Brewing Company up in Troy: that guys who committed acts of arson like this were, erm, getting their kicks out of it. It was like something out of a Chuck Palahniuk novel.

This guy was missing several teeth, had clearly had one-to-seven too many at this point (by the way, it was like 1PM), and brought up people getting sexual gratification from arson out of basically nowhere--so basically, I believe everything he said.

Hey, what a pleasant thought for your day, huh?

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