If you're looking at the geography of the Hudson Valley region on a map then you may notice that this place is huge. There's a lot of debate about what cities and towns are really in the Hudson Valley. One city that is undeniably in the Hudson Valley is Middletown. Of course it deserves its very own rap song. Did you know that it has one?

People all of the world are hearing about Middletown, New York. They're not hearing about the Orange County Fair, Galleria at Crystal Run, Soons Orchard or Moonbeams Preserve.

If you're on social media you may see a lot of people saying, "I'm in Middletown, New York!"

What does it mean and where did it come from? It's a song from a local rapper named Jay Eazy. The song is called Middletown, New York and it was uploaded on YouTube earlier this month. The video just broke over 10,000 views but it blew up on TikTok and Instagram.




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Have you seen this video trending yet? What other cites in the Hudson Valley deserve a rap song?

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