Back at the beginning of October, I shared with you the story of a bear cub who had been hit by a car and was recovering at Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center (FFFWC). 

Back in October, the little guy was in rough shape. The FFFWC had taken him in but knew that he was going to need some special care and then need time to recover. FFFWC is one of the Hudson Valley's most well-known centers for helping to rehabilitate injured wildlife.

Wildlife Center Releases Rehabbed Bear Cub in the Hudson Valley

FFFWC was started by its late founder Missy Runyan with the mission to help rehabilitate wildlife who had been injured either by human contact or by a circumstance of their own making. They are a 501(c)3 who is dedicated to helping injured and orphaned New York State wildlife which is headed by a multiple-license Rehabilitator.

Friends of the Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook
Friends of the Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook

The FFFWC slogan is "Let Wild be Wild". They not only offer rehabilitation but also have education programs, and information on what to do if you spot an injured animal. They have multiple ways you can assist with their mission including sponsoring an animal.

Friends of the Feathered and the Furry Wild Life Center Hunter, New York

I have followed the FFFWC on social media for a few years now and I love a happy ending. Fortunately, that was the case for this cute little bear cub who came to them needing help and was able to get it. The cub arrived in July of this year and with help from the Cornell Wildlife Center and the NYS DEC the FFFWC was able to successfully rehabilitate the cub and release it as you can see from this video they shared on November 4th, 2022.

FFFWC also recently shared this cool drone video showing their facility.

If you’ve ever wondered where some of your donations go, here in some drone footage so you can see what your support has helped us build over the many years we have been saving wildlife. (Friends of the Feathered and the Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook)


You can contact the FFFWC by calling 518-989-6534 or test 518-965-1864.

These are some other aminals that the FFFWC has been able to help

Wild Animals in Rehab

When we see an animal that has been hurt or is in distress it is in our nature to want to help but the reality is we need to leave it to the professional. Our job is to report it so that trained people can step in to assist the animal that needs help. Luckily there are many Animal Rehabilitators in the Hudson Valley who are good at what they do.

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