It's the time of the year where grocery stores will be busier than ever. As we're all packed in there like sardines, the least we could do is follow some basic rules to keep us all from going insane.

As we flock to local stores either to get food for holiday dinners or gifts for our loved ones this season, it's important to make a few things clear for everyone's safety.



Can you get road rage at a store while operating a shopping cart and can you experience road rage because of it?

You could argue that the same basic driving rules apply with a cart. Stick to the right side at all times. Shoppers who are in a specific aisle must yield as they don't have the right of way. Also, never improperly use the entrance and exit doors.

"Road Rules absolutely apply in the grocery store and I get horrible road rage when I'm shopping. The worst is when people park their cart sideways in the middle of the aisle and then look at you like you're the idiot for trying to walk past them....just move your freaking cart."


"I always tell people how it is at the 24 hour Walmart in Fiskill on Route 9. People always come in the out door and walk right in the middle, taking up the whole space and I tell them this is the in door learn to read English!"

Do you agree that shopping malls need more law and order?